Escape game Umělý intelekt

Company: Questerland

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5.0 / 5

2 reviews


Mánesova 54 , Prague 2 , 120 00 ()

+420 774 458 073

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Welcome to Questerland ! Exit Game or Escape Game in Prague! In Czech language it's called Unikova Hra. Each game in Questerland is a thrilling adventure , whose goal is to accomplish a given task - quest and escape in time from the closed room. To fulfill the mission and escape from the room, you need to explore various hiding places and astonishing devices, come to a proper solution of ciphers , puzzles and riddles , and finally find the secret door or another way to get out of themed rooms . There is only one way out. Will you accept the challenge? Escape games or Exit Games in reality represent the popular series of computer games the type of game when you need to leave the room or the classical genre of point and click adventures. You will find yourself in a room with interesting backstory and your goal is to escape from the room. Exit Games center Questerland is a place where you can experience action and thrill. Each game is a exiting adventure - a quest. Come and see for yourself that live quests are much more interesting than electronic ones. You will experience 60 minutes of action entertainment, in which your judgment, perception, reasoning ability and teamwork will be tested. Come to Escape Games center Questerland, become part of the thrilling game, break the stereotypes of fun and experience something new with your family and friends. Escape games in Questerland will bring unique experiences that bring people together and make you a better team. The rules are simple - You have 60 minutes to get to the locked room from which there is only one way out. By solving logic puzzles, codes and ciphers you will be getting closer and closer to your goal - escape. The clock is ticking. Will you accept the challenge and escape in time? Are you building a team and want to try unconventional means of teambulding? Maybe you will find what you looking for in Questeland! Escape games are forcing all players in a positive and proactive way to work together. It will improve your teamwork skills and abilities, as well as provide you with a fun and interesting time. You do not need to bring anything special for the game. Take comfortable clothes ( – you won't get dirty here). Furthermore, you just need a sharp mind, a mood for solving puzzles and ability to uncover secrets. Throughout the game you will be in contact with the operator, who will monitor your progress on a camera system . If you have trouble during the game, you can contact the operator and he will give you a hint.

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