Escape game Mysterious Office

Company: The Chamber


Bílkova 21, Praha 1 – Staré město ()

+420 777 791 112

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In an old townhouse, in the very heart of Old Town Prague, there is a mysterious apartment of a gentleman, whose name we promised not to reveal. It’s been over 70 years since he passed, but remains of his presence are still there. From what we heard from people who remember him, he was a successful doctor and scientist, but people also believed there was something seriously wrong about him, but no one really knows. There was a number of stories and urban legends we heard, most of them being probably just people’s imagination, but one…

Now you are here, in his office from 1918, and the door is locked. Do you think you are brave and smart enough to reveal what secret it is hiding?

The room looks quite normal at the first sight, but as soon as you start looking closer, you will find out it truly is an extraordinary space, with something dark in its midst. Get ready for a 100 years old adventure that has been waiting for you.

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