Escape game The Emperor’s Secret

Company: The Chamber


News Town Hall, Vodičkova 1, Praha 2 – Nové Město ()

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The person of the most significant medieval Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV, is still covered with mysteries. In our new adventurous game, you are a team of famous archaeologists who revealed many secrets from the past and found lots of historical artifacts. Now you are approached by a mysterious man, who claims to be a member of even more mysterious brotherhood that goes deep into the middle ages. He asked you to find the legendary secret chamber of Charles IV, which is supposed to carry answers to many unexplained facts from his life.

Last but not least, there should also be a mythical treasure in there, which King Charles hid in case his reign was suddenly overturned. This mysterious stranger hands you the only clue that might lead to the revelation of the legendary chamber – an old handwritten note with a very unclear message… According to the latest research, this secret chamber is located underneath the 700 years old Town Hall on Charles Square. This is exactly where you start this new adventure. You will soon find a surprisingly well shaped medieval room that looks like a place where Charles went to hide from the world outside. However, this is only the beginning, because nothing is what it seems to be…

TREASURE OF KING CHARLES IV is technologically advanced game, which was created in cooperation with prominent expert on Charles’ life. The storyline is based on true events and facts that have been revealed by the latest historical research. Furnishing was done by craftsmen specializing on medieval interiors and everything is set in authentic environment of the real 14th century cellar. Therefore, you can expect perfectly immersive atmosphere of unique space, original and creative riddles and a strong story. Are you ready to dive deep into the 14th century heart of Europe?

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